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Brand visual identity, Business cards, Linkedin Banner

MK is a printing consultant who offers professional printing advice, services, and solutions to businesses and individuals. They specialize in helping clients achieve high-quality printing results while minimizing costs and waste. 

The project involved creating a new brand identity for MK. The goal was to create a professional and trustworthy look that would appeal to MK's target audience, which is primarily businesses and individuals who are interested in professional printing services and solutions.


The first step in the project was to create a new brand identity for MK. The designer began by researching MK's competition and identifying key design elements that would help MK stand out.

The final brand identity design for MK included a custom logo, a color palette of black and white, a touch of beige or gold colors, and a unique typography style that was used consistently across all of MK's marketing materials.

The logo design featured the initials "MK" in a modern and minimalist style, which helped convey a professional and trustworthy image. 

The typography style used in the brand identity was modern and clean, making it easy to read and recognize across all of MK's marketing materials.


The new brand identity was used across all of MK's marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, and a LinkedIn banner. The consistent use of the brand identity helped establish brand recognition and build trust with potential clients.

MK-business cards.png
mKLogo mockup 30.png

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